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Abyssinians also have a tendency to follow their owners around the house and, just like a dog, can respond to leash training. A Burmese also makes a great choice for reluctant cat owners who are really more comfortable with dogs. The felines have large and silky coats yet grooming is made easier given their desire to be frequently handled. And they can keep themselves — cat thats like a dog you — entertained by learning to retrieve, just like a dog. Check out these 15 cat breeds that act just like dogs.
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These cats also like to play fetch with their favorite toys.

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Retrieved September 11, Abyssinian cats are known for demanding attention and showing depression if left alone too often. Cat behavior Cats as pets Cats in popular culture.

10 Most Dog-Like Cat Breeds

Does this sound like you? Then check out this list of dog breeds that'll win the hearts of any cat lover, thanks to their feline traits. This could be a great bargaining. Hey, dog lovers: You should check out these cat breeds that actually act more like dogs. Cats acting like dogs? It happens, and it most certainly does not mean the end is near. Oh, and by acting like dogs we do not mean barking (that would just be.
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The Manx breed shows behaviors like puppies, such as coming when their owners whistle or call their names.

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Kara Burns; Lori Renda-Franci This is another cat breed that will follow you from room to room. The Sphynx grows devoted to its owners. These cats also like to play fetch with their favorite toys. They sometime play games such as fetch.
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This loyal, engaging breed loves the water and to play fetch with its favorite toys, just like a dog. According to the Martha Stewart site, these cats are extremely sweet and act a lot like lap dogs.
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Looking for a pet with all of the low-maintenance care of a cat but the affectionate personality of a pup? Consider one of these breeds that'll be. We've compiled a list of some of the best dog-friendly cats for you (and Fido) to preventive fur-flying measures and get a cat that's well-suited for your canine. Looking for a pet with all of the low-maintenance care of a cat but the Consider one of these breeds that'll be sure to please even the most.
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