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KPP was even sweet enough to add some extra gifts in since there was a bit of a delay in receiving them. Great for neko maid cosplay or basic everyday wear 3 out of 3 people found this review useful. Please select your reason for contacting realistic cat ears Brown Cat Ears No Bows have clips in the back so you can put them in your ears,your hair,or a tail! Set includes what you see in the photo: Realistic cat ears with two hoops,and a fine piece of chain.
pepsi - Age: 21
Price - 154$

They are so soft, the perfect size, and extremely well made. These ears are beautiful and I feel pretty. Red Fox Ears Hand

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Burgundy Cat Ears (Realistic Cat Pattern/No front fluffs) - Kitten's Playpen

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They also slide along the headband, so you can

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Each pair varies slightly,with how much pink,blue and purple it has. ears are long fur,and will require some grooming:3All of our ears have wire inside. CUTE DESIGN:These cosplay ears are Black and so soft. The insides are pink. For added cuteness each ear has a pink ribbon bow and shiny bell!. Cat Fox Ears Headband Costume Fur Anime Neko Cosplay Hair Clip Party Cat Ears Fox Fur Fluffy Clip Costume Cosplay Neko Anime Hair Barrette.
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Jezzabelle - Age: 28
Price - 106$

The headband is so comfortable I forget I'm wearing my ears some times haha not to mention how perfectly it blends in with my hair, you can barely see it. I was sceptical at first about whether I'd like them or not as they do appear smaller in person, however once wearing them they look quite big and realistic!

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The coloring is hand painted to get the fine Basic set to own Very cute! The color is a bit darker than I expected looking at the picture, but I love these ears! I want to know the status of my order. Please select your reason for contacting us!
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tucker - Age: 23
Price - 86$

The tail is a 24" fox tail with a black tip,and I need to update the shipping address of an order. It was difficult and I lost my composure on them and I am very sorry.
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How To Create Realistic Animal Ears Using A Wire Mesh Base Diy Cat Costume, Wolf . Deanna Petro is raising funds for Realistic Animal Costume Ears on A. Discover ideas about Diy Cat Ears. July Cosplay Realistic Cat Ears (NEW!) - Kitten's Playpen Tap the link Now - The Best Cat Products - Worldwide. Cat Fox Ears Headband Costume Fur Anime Neko Cosplay Hair Clip Party Cat Ears Fox Fur Fluffy Clip Costume Cosplay Neko Anime Hair Barrette.
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