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We have not heard of any instances where this has been problem. He is now able to be adopted and go to a new home maybe even with his mom, who is also newborn kitten pooping fantastic and loving cat The volunteers just love how wonderfully this young boy has come around. More than anything we hope that someone opens their heart and home to this beautiful gentle soul and allows him to live his next few years kittens for adoption in nh comfort. Our vet put in a drain to help drain the wound. We hope through education that any stigma surrounding the adoption of these sweet cats can be put to rest. She could tell right away that he was in kittens for adoption in nh.
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He allows us to touch him but still reacts with a flinch when we do. He has been out on his own for over 12 years and has the battle scars to prove it: FIV has no cure at this time.

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This young boy came from the same place as Timmy.

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We have many loving cats available for adoption. View the gallery of available cats and schedule a visit to meet one today. Adopt. READ MORE Dunbarton Road – Manchester, NH Dunbarton Road; Manchester, NH ; Phone: () ; Fax: () View all the friendly felines available for adoption at the New Hampshire SPCA. Whether you are looking for a lap warmer to snuggle up with or a playful, curious .
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Roxy - Age: 23
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Gordito was trapped down in Worcester MA.


A cat that tests positive can sometimes grow an immunity to the disease, however they will alway be a carrier. One of our managers has fallen in love with this big guy and spends hours holding him and talking softly to him hoping to let him know that he is among friends. Gordito was trapped down in Worcester MA. His behavior was a bit unpredictable when he arrived but he has since become a big love bug. We got him right to the vet who nebulized him, cleared his nasal passages and placed him on an antibiotic. Those like Timmy, despite his many wounds upon arrival have a great fight in them to overcome and keep going!
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They then found out that he had a severe UTI and bladder infection. Even though he has been on his own and is not used to being around people, he has been nothing but a good sport as he has been treated and transported back and forth to the vet many times. Click the picture to learn more about this cat.
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We believe all animals are deserving of life, respect and care. Our goal is zero- population-growth through spay/neuter programs and services that focus on. "Click here now to view all New Hampshire Cat Rescue Groups and Cat Shelters. cat adoption resources;Foster care for rescued cats and kittens; Community. Encouraging it through education and animal adoption. sheltering, and was previously the Operations Director of The NH Humane Society in Laconia, NH.
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