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Unlike most mammals that spend a kitten facts of time moving around, toning their muscles and strengthening their bones, cats particularly kittens spend much of their day sleeping. Having a bad day? Getty Images Introducing kids to pets is a useful and important way to teach them to respect animals. They hiss like snakes if they smell something unfamiliar Kittens are born with their eyes kitten facts ears sealed. But did you know purring can also help to improve healing and bone density? Read on Mobile Enter Reading Mode.
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Both male and female kittens, after the process, are likely to grow up into more friendly , affectionate and gentle cats. If you are in the market for a feline companion, you have a lot of choices to make.

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Please add them to our list using the comments box! But all cats, and especially kittens, spend a great deal of time asleep to conserve energy. Are we ever really prepared to deal with that moment when our kittens turn into cats?

8 Amazing Facts About Kittens

This fun compendium of kitten facts is full of interesting information and cool facts about cats at their cutest - during kittenhood. When it comes to raising kittens, the philosophy is pretty similar to that of bringing up children. If you provide proper care and training when they're young. From whisker chewing to ear wiggling, here are some amazing facts about kittens that will have you seeing baby cats in a whole new way.
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Newborn Kittens Are Completely Helpless 4. Fun facts about kittens Some of the sweetest kitten facts are all about that quintessentially feline past time — purring. This is because kittens learn through play , so all of the climbing, scampering, biting, stalking, meowing and so on emulates actions they will need to know as older cats.

Facts about baby kittens

For most mammals, the daily strain of moving around keeps their muscles and bones strong. An adult female cat is pregnant for 64 to 67 days. However, in the wild, the mother cat would teach her kittens to hunt by initially bringing live prey into the den for the kittens to learn to kill , and gradually taking them out to observe and emulate her hunting techniques. Indeed, because of this it is highly discouraged — and, in some parts of the world even illegal — to sell kittens younger than 8 weeks old. The reason for this rather manic behavior is that kittens learn about life through play.
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Facts about baby kittens Did you know that a kitten does not become a cat until it reaches 12 months of age? Socialization is the process of exposing a kitten to new experiences, sights, sounds and people.
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When it comes to raising kittens, the philosophy is pretty similar to that of bringing up children. If you provide proper care and training when they're young. A list of 20 interesting facts about cats and kittens to share with children, such as how felines see in the dark and how much they sleep. From the moment they are born, kittens have a unique set of needs to grow and thrive into healthy, socialized cats. Here are 10 interesting, must-know facts.
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