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A cat that lives indoors is much safer than a cat that lives on the streets. The information provided here has been put together cat year conversion experts in feline health, behaviour and welfare. The oldest cat reported, died at the age of Life Expectancy of Cats. Outdoor cats are always in a cat year conversion of being hit by passing vehicles or falling prey to illnesses.
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Where the cat lives is a vital factor on which its life expectancy depends.

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Cat Years to Human Years Converter

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Blood in Cat Stool.

Cat Years Calculator

According to popular legend, one human year is the equivalent of seven 'cat years', but in reality a one-year-old cat is much more mature than a seven-year- old. One cat year does not equal seven human years. Read on for tips on determining your cat's age and check out a helpful cat years to human. Translating cat years to human years can be a challenge. Though there is no universally accepted rule for converting cat age to human age, you can get a.
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Ammonia Smelling Urine in Cats. Given below is an easy explanation of the same.

About Cat Years Calculator

However, nowadays, cats have longer life spans than before. So the conversion may vary form cat to cat. How Long are Cats in Heat? A cat progresses through its life span pretty quickly. For their size, cats live quite a long time. What these stages let us do is to appreciate how old the cat is inside, since, as has been pointed out, this is often not very obvious from the outside, as cats seldom go grey or show outward signs of pain or illnesses such as arthritis.
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Gradually, this pace comes down to around 4 cat years for every human year. Given below are two of the most important factors that have resulted in cats having a longer life span. Facts About Calico Cats.
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Because kittens age so quickly, a cat is about 15 years old in her first year, then 24 years old by the age of 2. Each year after that, a cat ages. The free Cat Age Calculator can convert the age of your cat into human years. You can also find out your age in cat years with the Cat Age Calculator. Use our cat age calculator. Easily convert your cat's age to human years. Visit to learn if your cat is old or young.
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