mauhaus cat cafe of 'creativity', which is of course model photo contest so I'm coming from someone that literally sees hundreds of photos every day, and am looking for the things that really make a photo stand out from not only each other, but what other photographers are doing." />

Model photo contest

Help us find the next winners. Model photo contest, you've tied everything together and shown how it should be done. Judged based on creativity, originality and in accordance to the theme. All cash prizes will be paid using Paypal. Vote from October 1st until October 18th, Contest Rules Do not ask your friends to vote up your image. Not a member yet?
Ash - Age: 31
Price - 120$

Like us on Facebook. Currently in Sacramento, California, he enjoys forays into landscape and street photography, but his main interests lie in photographing people, and in experimenting in abstract works, most notably utilizing an opaque projector to create shapes and landscapes with the human form as a canvas. Contest Rules Do not ask your friends to vote up your image.

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Pixoto will award prizes based on the results of online voting using ImageDuel and reserves the right to adjust and modify the image ranking algorithms at any time and at its sole discretion. Are you up to the challenge? But, you've tied everything together and shown how it should be done.


Deadline: 31 March ; Entry fee: 1 image:$, 3 images:$, 5 images:$ , 10 images:$, 15 images:$, 20 images:$ You could win a trip to Los Angeles, CA for a photo shoot with Girls Life and the ultimate model prize pack! Trip to LA For You + Guest – Photo Shoot With Girls. Win up to $ in prizes every week in Pixoto's weekly photography competition . 15 Categories including: Wedding Photography, Nature Photography, Wildlife.
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Emmy - Age: 34
Price - 166$

Obviously miscategorized images will be recategorized if reported. This image was submitted over six months ago and therefore can't be reported for minor infractions.

Creative Modeling Photo Contest Winners

If I could pick two winners Like us on Facebook. If I'd seen this when I judged "Orange" this would have been the winner, hands-down. Sign up using your Email. Here's How It Works.
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Jackson - Age: 22
Price - 152$

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Do you want to be a Model or Win an awesome prize package? Do you want agencies and scouts to Show us your FRESH Face and enter our Photo Contest!. Participate in the Creative Modeling Photo Contest by Model Management for a chance to win prizes and give exposure to your photography. Join over contest results. NMRA conventions and train show events feature a model and photo contest where entries are displayed to be viewed and enjoyed by.
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