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Buena Vista Negative Cutting. Over a nine-month period he translated Hiiragi's Baron story into pages of storyboards for what was to be The Cat Returns. It became the second theatrical third overall Studio Ghibli feature to be directed by someone other than Miyazaki or Takahata. Ghibli's Arrietty Film Watched 7. To get herself out of this mess, she enlists the help of Baron but before he can….
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The film was the highest-grossing domestic film at the Japanese box office in [5] and the 7th highest-grossing film of the year overall.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A fun cartoon romp with the added finesse of Studio Ghibli's animation and heart. Martin Umbach as Baron.

Upgrade to hide ads The Cat Returns: Anne Hathaway, Cary Elwes, Elliott Gould, Peter Boyle, Tim Curry, Andy Richter, Rene Auberjonois, Judy Greer, Andrew Bevis. Amazon's Choice for "the cat returns dvd english" .. I adore Cary Elwes and Anne Hathaway in this movie (the Baron and Haru, respectively). And of course. Jun 28, In this sequel to Whisper of the Heart, a quiet suburban schoolgirl, Haru, is pitched into a fantastical feline world and must find her inner.
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Anne Hathaway as Haru. Cindy Davis Hewitt Donald H.

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Gudo Hoegel as Muta. Universum-Films Dutch staff Dutch companies none Distributor: Toshiyuki Kawabata Production Affairs Manager: Julie Turin as Blanche. Shuji Inoue Foley Recording: Rebecca Silverman has the details. I want to channel this whimsical, wonderful film so hard!
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The theme park later canceled the project.
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Haru is an ordinary girl who gets more than she bargains for when she rescues a cat from an accident, only to be promptly whisked away to the Kingdom of Cats. After high-school student Haru rescues an elegant black cat from being hit by a speeding delivery truck, the awkward teenager finds. Haru saves the life of an unusual cat and suddenly her world is transformed and filmmakers behind creating an English dubbed version of The Cat Returns. Of THE CAT RETURNS; Complete Storyboards — Get An Insider's Look At The.
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