Cat drinking coffee

Already have an account? Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not cat drinking coffee. By the way, this is my first answer on pets - is that considered a reliable source around here? That is why humans aren't really affected by it, but with the right dose, caffeine can kill a human: Thank you for your interest in this question. One tiny dose won't kill them, but you could be racking up organ cat drinking coffee each time.
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Creme Puff the cat lived for 38 years according to Wikipedia and other sources.

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Editorial content, such as news and celebrity images, are not cleared for commercial use. Plants make caffeine to kill off any creatures eating the plants. Start Here No thanks.

cat drinking coffee

Today I found the cat up to her ears in a coffee cup my husband had forgotten in the living room. She was slurping day-old black coffee. It's good that our dogs and cats don't depend on caffeine to get through the day. may not know that many foods and drinks in their cupboards contain caffeine.
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Caffeine is very bad for cats and dogs. Save Try Share Edit.

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Caffeine is very bad for cats and dogs. Sign In We're Sorry! Start Here No thanks. I don't really think this is a big deal because it was only two drops, but can anything happen to cats if they drink a relatively large amount of coffee? Already have an account?
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Start Here No thanks. There is no evidence the stuff was good for the cat, just that the dosage was never enough to be bad for it.
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It's good that our dogs and cats don't depend on caffeine to get through the day. may not know that many foods and drinks in their cupboards contain caffeine. According to, caffeine poisoning is "[g]enerally moderate to severe/life-threatening", but while "[ ] cats appear to be. Cats are often very curious about everything that their owners eat or drink, including coffee. All too many cat owners have experienced their cat dipping his or her.
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